Preparation works
Qualified team fits insulation to manufacture requirements. Dmp , various types of insulation Kingspan , Eps, Cellecta, Celotex, Ecotherm, Ecofoam, Isorubber, Regupol, Knauf , Monafloor, Quinntherm , Visqueen, Recticel. We can lay hundreds of m2 of insulation to highest standards in a day .

Traditional sand cement screed, wearing screeds , heavy duty screed , fast drying screed ( floor finishes can be fitted after 4 hours ).

Anhydrite screed ( gyvlon )
Walkable in 48 hours . Over 1000m2 can be installed per day . 40mm minimum thickness in commercial buildings , 35mm minimum thickness in domestic buildings. Screed be fitted on polythene laid directly to substrate minimum preparation ( minimum 30mm thickness) .

Thinner sections compared to traditional screeds
Minimal Drying Shrinkage (<0.1%)
Foot traffic after 24 –48 hours
Exceptional Thermal Conductivity (up to 2.9W/m.k)*
Can be applied in wet areas
Reduced drying times of 14-28 days. (Depending on drying conditions and floor coverings)
Self-compacting – no voids around under floor heating pipes.
No risk of contamination at concrete mixing plants
No Surface Latiance (Dust) after curing
Easy Installation (Reduces time & costs) can lay over 1000m2 in a day .

3mm- 50mm renovation screed
Fast drying . Hand applied 3mm-20mm , pump applied 8mm-50mm for easy levelling of concrete floors before the installation  of floor coverings e.g. vinyl , carpets, ceramic tiles , wood block linoleum or cork . Up to 2000m2 can be installed per day . Fast setting up , walk after 2-4 hours .

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